Monday, July 13, 2009

Our Vision

It all started

with one man passionate about his dream. Working as a missionary for over 10 years, Rick Cotton, had a dream to help impoverished children in third-world countries. He had such a passion for this dream, he founded the Viva Kids™ . Please go to the Viva Kids web site and read about the great things that are being done and the lives he is changing.

To fund the Viva Kids™, Rick and his brother Don, co-founded eXfuze™. A portion of every bottle of Seven+™ sold goes to the Viva Kids™. This money helps to educate, cloth and feed kids around the world.

If it wasn't for one man passionate about his dream, Viva Kids and eXfuze™ would not excist.

"We have danced with them and sang their songs, we have laughed with them and cherished their smiles, we have held their hands and prayed with them, we have cradled them in our arms and cried with them. VivaKids wasn't founded by eXfuze - eXfuze was founded because of VivaKids."

Co-Founder and CEO, Rick Cotton.

Viva Kids - Video 1 & Video 2 & Make a Difference Video

eXfuze™ is what you're looking for!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Exfuze is in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia Now!!!

Catch the wind of success with eXfuze KK Team...

Exfuze Raising Up Entrepreneurs in Malaysia

"The entrepreneur always searches for change, responds to it, and exploits it as an opportunity."-- Peter Drucker, Businessman


Welcome to the eXfuze 7+ KK blog! They say that most people only see two really great opportunities in their lifetime. Chances are you have already missed the first one, don't miss this one. Ask yourself one question, how many people do you know that eat right, drink enough water, and get enough sleep? Not many right. Health and wellness is the next multi-trillion dollar industry, with Billions of people trying to eat right, get in shape, and change their lives. What if you could position yourself in front of the next big wave in health and wellness? Watch the videos links below and find out how you can get involved in a life changing opportunity.

The Journey (10 mins):


The company's product is a synergistic gathering of the world's seven most powerful botanicals. These potent ingredients have been blended and fused in a revolutionary product. You can learn more about the amazing Seven Plus Product!
• Cleanses and “detoxes” the body• Offers increased energy and stamina• Helps maintain healthy cholesterol• Possesses anti-inflammatory benefits• Promotes quicker healing• Supports the immune system• Fights damaging free-radicals• May help reverse the signs of aging• Aids cellular regeneration• Aids in muscle regeneration and contractions• Supports blood glucose• Promotes healthy joint mobility and function• Aids appetite control• Improves mental focus• May help regulate emotions and calm nerves• Enhances gastrointestinal health• Supports the cardiovascular system and good circulation


"A dream becomes a goal when action is taken toward its achievement." -- Bo Bennett

Paul Zane Pilzer - Wellness Industry